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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween! :D

ahha, i rhymed! XD

So i didn't go out for halloween and free candy BUT i did dress up for fun tonight ..
soo here's some pics ;)

i look so zombie-like :o

well Thats all for now Folks... Hope you all enjoyed your awesome Halloween Night! =D

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trainwreck XD

"you're a trainwreck, but with you i'm inlove"

hi peoples are ya'll... wait.. i didnt want orange:$
lol... anywaays how are you peoples?
im in biology at the moment. very exciting(=

watching a movie and doing an assignment except i just started since at first it wouldnt let me log in.

ohohohohohohohohohoh... halloween is this MONDAY !! yiippie..
but wait ,why do i carE???-.-
i dont... yeh i like halloween but im a loner and frankly i cant go out anymre for it..

what are you gunna be for halloween?

you know what im gunna be??
a loner geek.. :/

i wish someone would text me...
imisspeoples;;;;;.....whyy is my text blck now??
honesly, i didnt even touch the text buttons this time:$

oh well...

this is the gizmo tht we're doing in class...:$ im bored..
lawwls, thats it for now.. im gunna upload some home vids at some point..


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Title... [because i cant think of anything better]

Theres this chick on Youtube who I saw singing "fix a heart" by Demi Lovato and she is AMAZING!
i will find it and post the link eventually..
but for now im in Anthro right now writing about Freud...

I think i am losing my mind...

i need advice but i dunno who to ask because no one has the right answer for my situation..
Im such a loner although i have friends... but it's like nobody cares??? i guess

whats on YOUR mind blogger world????!!!
bring me your feedback !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So i gots back a report at school from Anthropology and i gots 20 outta 25.... yipppie :D

i was doing experiments yesterday where i made a bomb...
it didnt work... but this is how its made....

>>> take a sandwich sized bag and put 1/4 of water, and 1/2 of vinegar inside of it..
then put 3 tsp of baking soda inside a tissue and fold it...

take this bag outside or atleast in the sink.... (but i suggest outside)
the tissue makes there be enuff time for you to zip up the bag and then step back..
if all goes well it'll start to expand, and eventually pop...

I also did a coin one.... where i out 1/4 of vinegar in a non-metal bowl, 
then mix like 2 tsp of salt in with it...
put about 5 pennies(dirty) into it..
count to 10 slooowwwwllllllyyyyyy.!
then remove them and rinse them good with water,.
leave them out to dry..
then add a couple more pennies into the bowll..
do the same thing except this time, dont rinse them...
just leave them to dry,,,

what you should notice is that the ones rinsed off are now shiny..
and the ones that were left to dry should of started to turn a bluish-green color.

SCIENCE !!!! <<<

lol ...

so i am very tired... 

i need followers so come follow me ...i'll get more interesting dont worry!!!

"mama, im inlove with a criminal"

baii for now!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My lifes update.

So this is just an update of what i am doing..
yesterday i was with cats and dogs, and today i am in the nursery with babies and toddlers.
i love keeping busy ,and i love taking care of things lol :D

i really want/need a new phone, mine restarts whenever it feels like, and its fucked..
i also want a phone where you can see the whole convo in one screen because when i forget what i sent, i have to exit then go to my sent messages..
and its annoying. 

What phone do you suggest i get if i get one??

Thats it for now ,since i have to get ready to work lol
baibai XD

Friday, October 21, 2011

My New Bear Hat!!!

hi !!!

I bought a new hat today .. (= its a bear.
havnt named it yet tho lol
but its deffinitely a boy ;)

haha ..sooo heres some pixxx..

hes soo cute;) 

Current song: In the dark by Dev
Current Outfit: black and green Fox shirt, and Green and Blue Fox Pjs.
Current Mood: Sick, and tired.
Current thought: when the hell is Jordan getting here??? :O

Next song: How to love by lil' wayne

Thats basically it i guess. =$$
see ya'll next time. :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jordans gift( =

hellow peoples... again ! XD

soo ive been kinda slacking on the daily blogs lately but im back !~!
okaai so i said a while back that i would upload the pic of the present that Jordan bought me..
soo if you wanted to see it then here...

it's really pretty (= and nice.

soo because im really upset right now... im gunna leave it at that..
talk later i guess. :$

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ima weirdo =$

so im writing a new blog as i wait for my slow boyfriend to get here.... =/

i have been doing experimental make up things that look cool for like halloween, or whatever you want...

my mom would never let me go out in public like this ... =$ haha
sooo i'll show you some piics. 

this is a bow i found that i have at the side of my head after teasing my hair ...

I was just having fun with this one ... with a smiley face, black and purple, a blue/black heart... you get the point

thats all for now....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween pic (=

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I want to go to bed,
so that's just what i'll do. <3

hi people ...i am SO tired, been up since 5:30 AM this morning... :$

idunnno why:p

anywaaays...... i made this pretty awesome halloween edit of me. i likes it.
wanna see it? well if you dont..... too freakin' bad
>>>> here it is ...............  

do you liike it ? comment about it plzzzzz and lemme know. XD
ive been downloading all kinds of different photo shops lately..

oh and p.s ,i know i messed up a little on the blood but it still works... i was to lazy to fix it =3

thats it for now ,talk lateerrrr my non-readerrrs (=

Thursday, October 13, 2011

untitled [because i'm too lazy to think of a title]

i am REALLY bored...
I don't know if i can handle having the same mom for the rest of my life. :$
shes driving me NUTS..

on the other hand ,i have the best boyfriend in the world. 
haha ,i love him soo much .

I'm still having weird dreams :$

ummm . I LOVE YOU J.M [= <3  

yee his initials are J.M lol ;D 

thats it for now ,oh and i think i made a new friend ... sorta?
oh well BAIBAI [=

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fact or Fiction??

Okaii ,so this is a fact and Fact/Fiction Blog.

Here's a fact for everyone:

Did you know that everybody is lactose intolerant?
Yup, thats right... everyone is too a certain extent.
some people its soo bad that you feel sick and are sick for a while.. like me usually..
and then theres the people tht just have a tiny belly ache tht you dont even notice until you stop drinking milk (cream, cheese etc) for a whole week.
Its been tested on many people, and they say they feel SOO much better after that week without milk.

so now its time for .... 

"before walking on the moon, astronauts sent a slinky down the steps of the Lunar Module to test the incline"
>>is this FACT or FICTION???<<

.....> Answer below

The answer is FICTION. But Astronauts did bring silly putty on their missions, to supposedly secure tools in zero gravity. 

NEXT: "In some parts of Western Africa, people have trained hippos to produce milk and till fields"


The answer is FICTION. 
Stand back! no way are you training a hippo to do that, considering they may be the most dangerous animals in Africa with more deaths by hippo, than by lions, tigers and bears combined. 

NEXT: "If you grow a watermelon in a cube-shaped container, you'll get a cube-shaped watermelon"

The answer is FACT.
Farmers in japan grow watermelons in glass boxes so they'll stack better. You can grow other shapes too, like pyramid watermelons. 

NEXT: "Armadillos can cross bodies of water by sinking to the bottom and walking, like pirates of the Caribbean"

The answer is FACT.
Their sharp claws help them walk, and they can hold their breath for up to six minutes. 

NEXT: "Leonardo Da Vinci wrote his notes backwards, in mirror handwriting"

The answer is FACT.
Some say he was left-handed dyslexic, some say he did it for mental exercise and some say it was a form of secret code. 
Erus rof swonk eno on. :D

Thats it for now. Talk later. 
goodnight XD

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Homework ...

Hellos people..
Here is my update for today ..
I am doing .. **drum roll please** ,.......................... HOMEWORK !!
fun eh ?
no -.-

especially when its WAAAYY overdue ,and i have no idea what something means.
i'm trying to calculate my BMR and my Calorie intake for the past five days by figuring out the calories in what i've eaten this week. =$
Also the hours of activity ive done for five days.

musiic keeps me distracted lol
current song: Take a bow by Rihanna

Next Song: Invincible by Hedley ft. P Reign

So ,tell me... whats your WORST subject ?
Mines Math lol

My best? Science.
I hope to become a great scientist or something one day :D

Thats it for now. ttyl (:

Monday, October 10, 2011


im currently eating a huge plate of kraft dinner, a bowl of popcorn filled with Salt and vinegar..
AND fruitopia drink lol =p nomnomnom =3

haha ,i am such a pig. xD
ive been having strange dreamss lately about people ii hardly know =$
its sooo weird..

anywaays ,im always cleaning out the rest of my garage today ..
its a MESS... lol


so um thats all for right now ,sorry lol
its kinda sad but ttyl =p

song on right now: iridescent by Linkin Park

Sunday, October 9, 2011


ii worked in the Nursery .
With two other teen peopllez lol
(: , now im singing .. so dont bug me -_-
jkjkkjK! haha i love being bugged (SOMETIMES)

im sitting on my floor right now.. not very comfy ,it actually kinda hurts.
i really need to clean my room.
raawwwrr >: |

i'm gunna hopefully start my music video soon ,then upload it here. 
hopefully it actually looks good since i usually dont sound good on camera..
but if i dont then i'll just lip sync ,maybe.

we're having turkey dinner tonight instead of tomorrow ,since tomorrow my grandma wants to watch a football game..
woow.... i wanted it tomorrow so my bf could come..
but oh well.
Hopefully he has a good dinner tonight too . =p

i havnt been totally into the new shit lately about anything..
but yaa.. umm , theres a video i wanna show you.
personally i think its no big deal.
Since she was probably just trying it ,and she actually doesnt do it..
umm ,here i'll just show you it...

soo ,.... umm .,it is her choice because she's not so much in the whole disney thing anymore..

the legal age to smoke is 16 ,legal age to buy is 19. well in Ontario anyways.
Um ,i mean i smoke..
And i know .. "ewww gross",well we all have our own opinions..

so i just got an update ..
ummm ,i heard someone say that they hate themselves, life and they just wish they were dead..
Okie ,so my statement on this is ... lots of people feel the same way.
i did at once, and i attempted suicide alot.. but did it work ? no
also ,if you really wanted to die ,you would just die k?
you would kill yourself.. it would be a regret ,but you would do it.
I mean ,if you dont try then obviously theres something you're living for ,and something good about your life that you wanna stay..

on the other hand, it's possible some people just dont wanna go to hell, so they want it to be an "accident"..

on another note...
i guess i'll bring on happy news..
it's thanksgiving ... YAY


ii am currently getting ready to go to First Pres and work...
Hopefully ii get into the nursery soon and work there.
Experience :D

i can never sleep in past 9ish...
and i dont know why.
even if i stay up till midnight or whatever..

i always wake up in the middle of the night as well..
sooo.... i am kinda tiired lol...
but cant sleep.

oh ,and my bangs are more the one side so its covering my face more and stuff.. so yaa

i like it better that way..
ive always hated when my part would be straight in the middle..
gross lol

I'm eventually going to make a blog all about my dog Randy ..
he's dearly missed and i think that it would make me feel better.
you can see him when he was a pup til all grown up.
he looks soo different all grown up lol

okie ,so my boyfriend went out and bought me a gift yesterday! 
he shouldnt of told me about it before hand but oh well, its great.
i love it . i'll probably post a pic of it .
its basically a clock inside a turtle lol.
its really cute.
if he ever reads this, then Thank You babyyyy!!! <3 
i L O V E youu SOO much! it's awesome (:  (sorry for bugging you about the price lol)

Okiie ,so im off for now .
ttyl ppl !!!!   

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Animals blog #2


Sooo ,today i worked at the Humane Society ,and theres like no dogs anymore... = (

<< This is Cali. I didn't get to know her that long because a couple days after I met her, she found a home.

And over here >>>>>>>>>>>> , is Ellie.
I met her a LONG time ago and she became my favorite cat. She's not even 2 yet and shes extreamly loving. I watched her be adopted....

This would be my kitty that my family and I adopted. Her name is Lola... Formally known as 'Laurel'.
She's a Golden Tabby, and she is loving but doesn't like to be held too much. She's a small kitten, and LOVES too play. 

This here is Micky Mouse. Lots of people got him and Ellie mixed up. I always knew them apart. you can tell from the eyes. lol

this cute thing that blends into the floor is Russell. 
Neither Russell nor Micky have been adopted yet.
the dog with the shadow is Molly. Thats me walking her. :D
She can be agressive but she just loves the attention of people.
She was adopted also.

< this orange tabby WAS our cat ... (Leo)
he past away this past summer of 2011 ,by getting hit by a car.
my mom was a total reck but this is why we got Lola now.

This cutie is my bunny Jackson.
he past away though because he had gotten out of his cage and basically suffocated from where he ended up being..

That's it for this animal blog, but i'll be back with another soon. =p

Friday, October 7, 2011

Get to know me..

So for this blog ,i was thinking that maybe i should just tell you more about myself.

First of i'm asian (Korean) ,which you can only tell from my eyes really. =3
I'm also French Canadien..
So i usually spell english words in french lol.

Um ,my favorite band would have to be Green day .
"Green day" is actually slang for a day of pot smoking ..
just sayiin'.
one of my fave singers would be Avril Lavigne.

I listen to basically anything to soft music, rap, rock, etc.
i wont listen to opra, classicals, or stuff like that ..

I was born in Toronto, ON.
My dad left us before i was even a year old.

Now i live with my grandparents and mom..
i'm pretty tall... i dont have an exact height but its between 5'7 to 5'9... 
i'm an average weight..
not super skinny, but not overweight whatsoever..

I started streaking my hair when i was about 14..
and had my ears pierced twice.

My mom will only allow me to get my ears pierced..
like wherever on the ear... 

ummm ......I seem like a depressing person when you walk by me or whatever, but thats just my neutral look since i've lived with depression since i was 3.. and i guess it just came natural to do that .. 
im rele NOT a mean person at all..
im really nice, generous, fun, random, weird, and cool lol

i L O V E meeting new people (:

i don't have tons of friends but i find thats because nobody really likes ME.... i like other people until they ignore me...

the reason i love talking to nice people is because it's rare to find...
I cut my own hair, and style it...

but i go to a hair dresses when i want streaks.. 
(hair dressers refuse to do my whole head, because my hair is waay too thick) 

<< me a couple years ago . =3

so anywaaays ,you will get to know me later on more but my boyfriends here sooo ttyl (; <3

Supersize me! ..and world records

okie ,so this blog today is actually just mainly about a movie type thing called ... "Supersize me".
so ,this guy decides to go on a McDonalds Diet for 30 Days !!!
its like any kids dream ,but its unbelievable to watch .

If you havn't seen it ,go see it somehow..
go rent it maybe ???
go online and watch it at a site..
or i dont know..
but what i will do for you is provide a youtube link for you.

Basically everytime they ask if he wants to supersize it ,then he has too..
those are the rules.
They describe the different diseases and shit that you can get from fast food.
it's gross ,but unique.

So here is the Trailer for Supersize me>>>

He has to eat atleast one of everything on the menu through out his Mcdiiick Diet...

If you wanna see a 7 minute version of it ...
then here you go .... >>>

Also if you wanna see a pretty quick (43 second) video clip on what happened to this guy then heres the link for that ...

so theres only about 8 things on a Mcdonalds menu that does NOT contain sugar.
which includes Black Coffee, Coke, Hash Browns, French Fries, and a couple other items.
everything else..... EVEN THE SALADS ... contain sugar!

Also theres this interesting show and its called Supersize vs. Superskinny.

heres a link to view what its about>>>

its actually pretty interesting..
Basically they are killing there bodies and have to switch diets for 5 days. 

Here's a bunch of other links from the same show but different people if you're interested in watching them...(they're not that long)

This is the one of the largest women in the world.... >>>>

>> hairiest man\

pregnant man <<illness <body sore < Gum diseasee

Okie ,thaats it for now (:

Interesting Youtube Links :o

Guest what ????!
It's finally Friday AND it's a 3 day weekend since this is Thanksgiving weekend.

....soooo my boyfriend dropped his phone at work and sent it in the get it fixed...
until then ,ii have like no one to talk too : ( 
His mom is starting to hate me again because i'm blamed for things i'm not even doing =$
fun right??? 
no... -_-

soooo.... who likes Epic Meal Time????!
It's pretty disgusting ,but awesome..
so this below is a link to an Epic Meal Time video on how to make.....

sooo.... enough of thaat .. LOL
Watch it if you want, looks pretty interesting. 

Okie ,so today was the CCI pep rally where people stay outside at the football field at the School and watch football games.
If you were there and missed class................ well, i'm jealous. (:

although ii did watch a movie in class LOL=p

This movie me and my three classmates watched was called "Outbreak" .

Here's the Movie Trailer for it if you havn't seen it... 

Oh ,and did you hear??? Steve Jobs died and only at the age of 56. 

if you do NOT know who that is..
well ,im just ashamed... =$
he's basically the creator of all things Apple.
And NO ,i do not mean the fruit. 
Did your ipod just die??
well so did the maker of it .. do you get it noww??
get it, got it, gooooooood!

Here's a link for you to find out more about his death and his career >>>
You should watch the whole thing ,it's really moving and intriguing. 

"i have always said if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately.. that day has come" - Steve Jobs

oh well ,Thats it for now folks (: 
Baaii bai 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm me and nobody else whether you like it or not...

Okiee ,so ii think i'm getting addicted to posting blogggs. :o
is that bad??? i dont thiink so =$

i spilled nail polish on mii bed : ( 

(They say that 'rawr' means i love you in Dino speak..
well have you ever seen Jurassic Park???! ,
it means "I'm going to F**** eat you !!!!)

sooo.... this above image shows me wearing one of my fave belts..
its like a seatbelt ,witth bottle caps around on it... xD
so this is usually how ii do my nails..... >>>>>>>

this is a random pic of my eye

I have my own unique type of style.
It's like part tomboy, part punk.
Everybody has their own look ,
i just wish i wasnt judged because of it...
I mean i'm still random, fun, and cool....
like come on ... work with me peoplesss lol

Oh welll...
Music currently on: Toes by Lights

Current Mood: Confused???? =$

Thanksgiving ..

so right now ,im in my mommy's room...
and ii am currently thinking about Thanksgiving this weekend.
No school on Monday ,means SLEEP IN ! WHOOOO
Best feeling (:

possibly Thanksgiving dinner with my family and the boyfriend ! <3
he's going to text me soon since he has his break at work soon.
i am soooo proud of him ,because he's actually trying to do his best now.
i love him<3 alot...

um ,i was bored soooo thats it for now i guess
TTYL .. love ya'll:D

eye looks

For myself ,i like dark and bright colors aslong as they show really well.... but everyone has their own look ,so im going to have different types of styles along here.

if you like a very light look ,then this could be an option...
this below is actually a mixture of light brown, white and black eye shadow. I usually like to mix my colors, and i always wear eyeliner and mascara just because when i have added my layers of eye shadow, it just cleans up whats landed on your eye lashes, and etc.

This is a unique fave i used to do all the time.

I find the hardest part about doing your eyes (however you want) is getting both your eyes to look the same....

These are all styles you can try.
they're just some random ideas at the moment.
You can have your whole eye one color, and different designs, or vice versa.

I usually like to have an opposite color on my other eye..
like if i have blue eye shadow on one eye, i'll purple on the other..
<<<<In this case , i would have Blue, Purple, Blue on one eye, then Purple, Blue, Purple on the other. 

Anywaaays ... 
Thats all for now (:
Hope you enjoyedddd =3