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Friday, October 7, 2011

Supersize me! ..and world records

okie ,so this blog today is actually just mainly about a movie type thing called ... "Supersize me".
so ,this guy decides to go on a McDonalds Diet for 30 Days !!!
its like any kids dream ,but its unbelievable to watch .

If you havn't seen it ,go see it somehow..
go rent it maybe ???
go online and watch it at a site..
or i dont know..
but what i will do for you is provide a youtube link for you.

Basically everytime they ask if he wants to supersize it ,then he has too..
those are the rules.
They describe the different diseases and shit that you can get from fast food.
it's gross ,but unique.

So here is the Trailer for Supersize me>>>

He has to eat atleast one of everything on the menu through out his Mcdiiick Diet...

If you wanna see a 7 minute version of it ...
then here you go .... >>>

Also if you wanna see a pretty quick (43 second) video clip on what happened to this guy then heres the link for that ...

so theres only about 8 things on a Mcdonalds menu that does NOT contain sugar.
which includes Black Coffee, Coke, Hash Browns, French Fries, and a couple other items.
everything else..... EVEN THE SALADS ... contain sugar!

Also theres this interesting show and its called Supersize vs. Superskinny.

heres a link to view what its about>>>

its actually pretty interesting..
Basically they are killing there bodies and have to switch diets for 5 days. 

Here's a bunch of other links from the same show but different people if you're interested in watching them...(they're not that long)

This is the one of the largest women in the world.... >>>>

>> hairiest man\

pregnant man <<illness <body sore < Gum diseasee

Okie ,thaats it for now (:

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