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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trainwreck XD

"you're a trainwreck, but with you i'm inlove"

hi peoples are ya'll... wait.. i didnt want orange:$
lol... anywaays how are you peoples?
im in biology at the moment. very exciting(=

watching a movie and doing an assignment except i just started since at first it wouldnt let me log in.

ohohohohohohohohohoh... halloween is this MONDAY !! yiippie..
but wait ,why do i carE???-.-
i dont... yeh i like halloween but im a loner and frankly i cant go out anymre for it..

what are you gunna be for halloween?

you know what im gunna be??
a loner geek.. :/

i wish someone would text me...
imisspeoples;;;;;.....whyy is my text blck now??
honesly, i didnt even touch the text buttons this time:$

oh well...

this is the gizmo tht we're doing in class...:$ im bored..
lawwls, thats it for now.. im gunna upload some home vids at some point..


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